"Lotus Light"!

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Lotus Light logo created by Arthur Brittain 2009

This website is currently being constructed to offer insights, channellings and words of inspiration for Lightworkers everywhere. It sits beneath the banner of the Divine Lotus of Enlightenment, pictured above and is within the care of the "Inner Light" partnership, which is to be found in Llechryd, Ceredigion near the Welsh coast in Cardigan bay. We hope that this site will eventually contain pages from a variety of Lightworkers whose work we find resonates with us and our philosophies, and provide a range of insights and energies that will inspire and empower all who see them.

Reach out to embrace ALL, with love and compassion.
See YOURSELF reflected in others' eyes, and know that YOU ARE Divine.
And being Divine, KNOW and see all others to be Divine.
AND SO act with wisdom and without ego in service to the Light.

UPDATE - June 2009: - Details will be added to this and our other sites over the next few months bringing details of a new course currently being developed, which will facilitate connection with the "Lotus Light Unity Consciousness", bringing the opportunity of opening to the reality of Oneness in an all-encompassing resonance throughout the Dimensions and accessing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness for ourselves and others as we move towards Ascension. This course will also lead to a remembrance of how to work with and facilitate a simple and complete healing method, which we are calling Unity Consciousness Resonance Therapy.

pink camelia

"Oneness is a point of realisation.
It cannot be taught;
It cannot be learnt;
It can only be found.
There is no singular Truth;
There is no singular fact -
Save one............
That the Divine is Love."
(Hilary channelling Unity Consciousness 2009)

the design of our websites:

This is just one of our "Inner Light" websites! The design behind our web pages and different logos contains much symbolism, and has been put together very deliberately. The main colours we have chosen to use as text throughout are teal-blue and dark blue. Both are shades of blue - the colour related to the throat chakra and our communication centre, with hints of green (the heart / balance) and indigo (the 3rd eye / intuition). We have chosen to put all channelled information in violet - the colour of the crown chakra and our centre of connection to our Higher Selves.

The background wallpaper for each page is composed of many silver spirals, silver being the energy of the soul. I read a book by Michael Schneider called "A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe" (ISBN 0-06-092671-6) and found he had some very relevant things to say concerning the meanings behind spirals, which I quote here:
"When we see..... spirals we know that there is life and excellence, motion and transformation..... The lesson of the spiral is that every "thing" is a process - a dynamic "energy event".....With its inherent harmony the spiral is a metaphor for our inevitable transformation within..... beckoning us as a symbol of consciousness and the way we live. Our own inner spiral process whirls us into the mystery of the infinite within us..... In the spirals principles of self-replication, self-accumulation, self-recurrence and self-similarity..... the recurring key is the word "self". The message of the spiral is growth and the transformation of our Self."
He goes on to say, concerning the purpose of the spiral:
"The centre within us is the truth of our Higher Self, the reality deepest within, which each of us calls "I"..... The rhythmic interplay between the impulse to divide ourselves from our centre and the yearning that is expressed in our longing to return is found in the experience of constantly searching for and finding meaning in our lives. The interplay between these two forces manifests itself in the world as a curve. That is why the transformative path is characterised by a spiral..... When we grow we arrive at the same place we were before, but we arrive more experienced, higher on the circle..... "

lotusof enlightenment
"Divine Lotus of Enlightenment" 2008 Hilary Hargreaves

What THE LOTUS LIGHT logo and name is about:

The Lotus is shown within a teal-blue downward pointing triangle, symbolising the descent of Heaven to Earth and the merger of the Higher (Divine) Self with the Ego-self. The Divine Lotus of Enlightenment - also known as the "Lotus of the Heart" - (or its potential) is within each of us. We see it as an energetic template, being in essence our perception of the configuration of the Inner Heart, that exists or can be made manifest within the centre of the chest, which is located at or near the High Heart centre.
If you look at the Lotus you will see that at its core and heart is an emerald cube with 6 faces. This is the "Emerald of the Heart", jewel of the  Emerald Ray and connected to the element of earth and the physical plane and relating also to the containment of our bound and reviled shadow-side - the Luciferian energies - which are awaiting acknowledgement, release and reconciliation.
Surrounding and enclosing it is a translucent blue-white octagonal diamond with 8 faces, each of which is cut in towards the centre, so in essence it resembles a 3 dimensional four-pointed Star. This is the 5th Dimensional Star of Melchisadek.  Rays of "Diamond Light" stream forth from the diamond as the petals of the Lotus open out to reveal its heart. This is our diamond core - the part of us that contains the essence of God, the Source of All in this Universe and of whom / which we are a holographic fragment.
These nested gems sit in the heart of the lotus flower, which is a focus for the threefold flames of the heart. The threefold flame is our connection to our Higher Self - our Christed or Buddhic Self; and to the Ultimate Source of All that Is in the persona of our Divine Self. These flames are re-kindled as we set out on our Spiritual path, with their Light and energy growing brighter as we boost them through working on our personal growth and as we gain knowledge and understanding of who and what we are - i.e. come to the acceptance of our Divinity - our True and Pure Self.
All the petals of the Lotus are formed of tongues of fire or Flames, which are condensed manifestations of the Rays being directed to Earth from the cosmos by the Chohans and Ray-Masters - extremely advanced and skilled members of the Great White Brotherhood. Rays are components of the visible (and non-visible) Spectrum of Light that emanates from Source, divided into frequencies that support and enhance all aspects of Soul growth and life-purpose here on Earth. They originate from the Great Central Sun of our Universe, and are distributed and stepped down as they are channelled to us through the Galactic Core and the constellation of the Great Bear - Ursa Major.

All the layers of the petals of the lotus are capable of folding up around each other like a flower in bud, fully enclosing and concealing the gems at the core. The opening up and closing down of the lotus petals has both protective and expansive aspects, serving to regulate the quantity and nature of the incoming energy being filtered into and through the energy system as well as providing for a cleansing and charging facility for those energies.
The outer petals of the Lotus are pure white: these are the Flames of Divine Purity overseen by Archaeon Annunciata, the Lady Hope, and connecting to Gabriel's (her consort) flame which is located at the Seat of the Soul. Lady Hope's flames enclose and surround the threefold flames and act to protect, purify, clarify and charge them with diamond-white Light.
The next layer of petals / tongues of flame is rose-pink, with the tips of the petals being deep rose pink and the base of the petals fading to paler pink with ruby red veins: these are the Flames of Divine Love and Compassion overseen by Archaeon Serafina, the Lady Charity, and connecting to Chamuel's (her consort) flame located at the crown chakra. The veining adds the essence of the Ruby Ray.
The next layer of petals / tongues of flame is blue, with the tips of the petals being deep royal blue and the base of the petals fading to paler blue with sapphire blue veins: these are the Flames of Divine Power and Will overseen by Archaeon Mikaela, the Lady Faith, and connecting to Michael's (her consort) flame located at the throat chakra. The veining adds the essence of the Sapphire Ray.
The innermost  layer of petals / tongues of flame at the core is golden-yellow, with the tips of the petals being deep golden-yellow and the base of the petals fading to pale lemon-yellow, with veins of gold flowing through them: these are the Flames of Divine Wisdom and Illumination overseen by Archaeon Christinus, the Lady Peace, and connecting with Jophiel's (her consort) flame located at the base of the 3rd eye chakra. The veining adds the essence of the Gold-fire Ray.

lotus flower

the lotus:

As a symbolic presence the Lotus is to be found in many of the world's faiths, both Ancient and new. In Ancient Egypt the blue lotus flower was prized as a metaphor of creation, life-force and rebirth or resurrection, and may be found in many wall paintings in the temples, often representing the flower of Atlantis, where it was used in ceremony and ritual. The four sons of Horus were also depicted as sitting within a lotus, each of them representing one of the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. In Tibetan Buddhism this depiction is also seen in paintings of the five Dhyani Buddhas, where the lotus may be taken as a symbol of spiritual unfoldment; purity; compassion or the true nature of our Self, realised through enlightenment.
The lotus in other belief systems including Eastern Indian, Tibetan and Chinese / Japanese cultures may also symbolise the Origin of Life, and usually expresses the essence of humanity's struggle to rise from our roots in the "mud" of our physical experience of embodiment through the primal waters of diverse energies that surround and influence us to reach the surface, where through spiritual unfoldment we may blossom and open ourselves to the Light. The perfected lotus in full bloom then reveals the diamond at its core - the Light of our own Divinity, the shining forth of which displays our attainment of the state of true enlightenment and Divine perfection.
The "lotus light" is sometimes construed as the "Jewel in the Lotus", which humanity is seeking in order to attain the state of Nirvana or Bliss, which is always present but hidden behind the veils of the physical and illusory world in which we are incarnate. When we find the jewel in the lotus, we realise and release our Lotus Light.

lotus flower


"Lotus Light Unity Consciousness" is an Ancient System for personal development and spiritual growth that has been re-awakened. This system for personal growth and enlightenment was first brought to Light again in the autumn of 2005 under the name "Lotus Light" and is now being refined hand in hand with the Archaeon, Masters and other Great Beings of Light.
It was once used by an ancient and wise civilisation that predates many we have heard of in our history books who were a wise and balanced race who lived their lives openly and honestly as a true co-operative community. All were in tune with their physical and non-physical bodies and with the world of form and non-form that surrounded them. They lived life in a way that encouraged spiritual growth and considered this to be a natural progression and learning process that encouraged each individual to become balanced and complete individuals as they trod their own path towards enlightenment. At each seven year cycle in a child's life, (birth, age 7, age 14 and finally age 21) the occasion was marked by one of a series of four anointings (or what we may refer to today as baptisms) carried out by the priests and priestesses of the community. Each one in the series was associated with a stage in the child's development, as symbolised by the wearing or carrying of a particular flower. Each stage was also linked to the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth which were recognised as the four building blocks of creation. Each of the elements related in turn to one of the Four Spheres of Truth, which represented the fundamental Truths of Life and existence, and on which true civilisation was built. These four truths are as fundamental to our development today as they were then, and are the Truths of Faith, Hope, Charity and Understanding.
Enlightenment is not under the sole ownership of one or any of the organised religions we find in our world today. It has no affiliations nor set creed or belief system that claims there to be a "better" or an "only" way back to God. All pathways are honoured. There are many roads that we may choose to follow, knowing that it is our destination that is truly important and not the road we choose to follow to reach it. We are guided to note that there are aspects of this system that may be found in many of the world's faiths and belief systems and to point out that it is the similarities between those faiths that is important and not the differences. In essence we are all human, made of the same flesh and blood, and each one of us is striving to find and understand our own Divinity. We are all brothers and sisters travelling a difficult road.
We are honoured to be given the opportunity to bring the philosophies of this ancient system to Light again, and to make the spiritual growth opportunities brought through the system available to those who need it at this time in Earth's development. We have called it "Lotus Light Unity Consciousness" to acknowledge the symbolic energy transfer conferred by the opening and awakening of the Lotus of the Heart and the Lotus of the Soul. This process is just one that has been offered to the people of our world today for the purpose of helping reach the ultimate goal, which is that of Self-Mastery. Many talk of Ascension, and many say that the time for us to transcend with our planet is fast approaching. However you view this concept, the Lotus Light Unity Consciousness Ascension series is offered with love and with Blessings.

It is now time for this energy to become our life-blood once again