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Alison Knox PhotoALiSON KNoX- artist and channel for EVeRYDaY ANGeLS and the ARCHAEoNS ; creates "Divinely Inspired Artworks" as paintings and print. Each piece is unique and carries the healing vibration of angelic touch. Prices start at a modest £3 for hand finished cards plus a wide range of affordable original pieces on canvas and watercolours between £20 and £1500 +.

Personal commissions can be undertaken by arrangement.


Alison's Channellings

NOVEMBER 2011- confluence - 10 Nov 2011 ARCHAEoNS MESSAGE FOR NOVEMBER 2011 Beloveds, We stand before you in all
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Alison's Websites

Everyday Angel Image

This popular, inspiring and much loved website tells much of the story of Alison journey, with regular updates, news, links, and a selection of products which can be ordered directly from Alison at her studio. The "Gallery" shows some of her bigger and most spectacular pieces as well as giving a general feel of the style of her work. The following sites also belong to Alison and can be accessed directly from the main one or independently. To receive regular "divinely inspired" news you may sign up to my monthly newsletter on this site.

Archaeons Winged disk on wings of light

Dedicated to the advent of the magnificent beings who made their first appearance on 22.12.07. This site has a recorded public talk, giving the outline of the story as well as photographic images of the paintings. Updated monthly.

Melissae image bee on buddleia

A "blog" style site dedicated to Alison's personal experience of the journey to keeping bees and highlighting newsworthy items of interest relating to the plight of the honey bee. Passionate, philosophical and practical. Updated frequently.

spirit of place art image sun through autom trees

A beautiful expression of natural images of the world as seen "through angels eyes" . Alison re-works a series of specially selected images printed on to canvas and then hand painted to bring out the magic.

These are excellent Feng Shui pieces for home or workplace.